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Kerala (കേരളം) - a state in south India, created on 1 November 1956 with the passing of the States Reorganisation Act bringing together the areas where Malayalam is the dominant language. The Kerala state has an area of 38,863 sq km and is bordered by Karnataka to the north, Tamil Nadu to the south, the east and the Arabian sea towards the west. 

Fourteen districts make up the state of Kerala. Thiruvananthapuram earlier known as Trivandrum is the capital of Kerala. The total area of Kerala accounts for 1.18% of the total landmass of India. This area includes 9400 sq. km of land under forests and 1941 sq. km of wetlands. The cultivated area amounts to 2.292 million hectares. 

The western coastal belt of Kerala is home to a vast chain of interconnected canals, estuaries, lakes and rivers. This network of interconnected waterways is popularly referred to as the Backwaters of Kerala.

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